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This document is not a legally binding contract but presents a simplified overview of how this package interacts with the rest of your system, the internet, third-party services, etc., and may inform compliance with institutional policies or international legislation.

Although this is not a contractual document, we take user rights seriously, and welcome any reports of instances where the behaviour of the package does not conform with the principles outlined here.

Scope of regulations

This package IS NOT Software as Medical Device (SaMD).

Data privacy and integrity

  • This package DOES NOT read any data from the user computer
  • This package DOES NOT write any data on the user computer
  • This package DOES NOT interact with external peripherals connected to the user computer (such as, but not limited to: microphone, webcam, printer, etc.)

Internet access

  • This package DOES NOT download data from the internet
  • This package DOES NOT upload data to the internet
  • This package CAN be used offline

Registration and third parties

  • Usage of this package DOES NOT require registration
  • Usage of this package DOES NOT involve third-party services
  • Usage of this package IS NOT restricted to certain geographical regions


This package IS NOT automatically updated. Note that this means security updates are not automatically applied.