cfr v0.1.0


The Epiverse-TRACE development team


November 22, 2023

We are very excited to announce the release of a new cfr version v0.1.0. Here is an automatically generated summary of the changes in this version.

Initial CRAN submission of cfr, an R package to estimate the severity of a disease and ascertainment of cases while correcting for delays in outcomes of reported cases being known.

This release includes:

  1. Functions for the overall severity of an outbreak, the overall severity of an outbreak estimated with an expanding time series of data, and the time-varying severity of an outbreak,
  2. A function to estimate the number of outcomes to be expected from a given number of cases assuming a user-specified distribution of delays between cases and outcomes being known,
  3. A function to estimate the overall (static) ascertainment of cases in an outbreak by comparing the relevant severity measures against a user-specified baseline severity (note that functionality for time-varying ascertainment is expected to be included in future versions, and an older implementation of this functionality was removed just prior to release),
  4. A data preparation generic with an S3 method for the <incidence2> class from the incidence2 package,
  5. Example daily case and death data from the 1976 Ebola Virus Disease outbreak as reported in Camacho et al. (2014).,
  6. Example daily case and death data from the Covid-19 pandemic over the range 2020-01-01 to 2022-12-31 from the 19 countries with over 100,00 deaths over this period, as taken from the covidregionaldata package which is no longer on CRAN,
  7. Vignettes describing how to get started with severity estimation, and more detailed workflows on different kinds of severity estimation,
  8. A vignette on working with data from the incidence2 package, and a vignette on working with delay distributions,
  9. 100% code coverage,
  10. Workflows to render the vignettes and README as a website.



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