epidemics v0.4.0


The Epiverse-TRACE development team


June 24, 2024

We are very excited to announce the release of a new epidemics version v0.4.0. Here is an automatically generated summary of the changes in this version.

Maintainer is changing to @rozeggo.

Model functions

  1. Internal model functions for the models which allow vaccination have been corrected to prevent vaccination introducing negative values of susceptibles; tests added to check for this (#235, initially reported by @avallecam).

Helper functions

  1. Added the epidemic_peak() function to calculate the timing and size of the largest peak in each compartment in an scenario model (#240) by @bahadzie.

  2. Added the outcomes_averted() function to compare epidemic scenarios (e.g. with and without interventions or vaccination) (#225, #230).


  1. Adds a developer-focused vignette on how to modify epidemics and model structures to address potential modelling requests or tasks (#210).

  2. Splits up the ‘Modelling uncertainty and scenarios’ vignette into separate vignettes on uncertainty and scenario comparisons (#225).

  3. Removed unnecessary plots from the vignette on modelling vaccination (#235).

  4. Fixed link to socialmixr package in the ‘Get started’ and ‘Modelling interventions’ vignettes.

  5. Updated and added documentation for all new or modified functions.

  6. Updated references JSON file.


  1. Updated Codecov GitHub Actions workflow to restore code coverage reporting.

  2. Updated package title and citation file.

  3. Updated _pkgdown.yaml with new vignette and updated section titles.

  4. Updated WORDLIST.



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