superspreading v0.2.0


The Epiverse-TRACE development team


January 29, 2024

We are very excited to announce the release of a new superspreading version v0.2.0. Here is an automatically generated summary of the changes in this version.

Second minor release of superspreading. This release enhances functions added in v0.1.0 and adds two new exported functions, and two new vignettes.


New features

  • A new function (calc_network_R()) to estimate the reproduction number for heterogeneous networks and a vignette outlining use cases for the function from existing epidemiological literature is added (#71).
  • probability_epidemic() and probability_extinct() now have individual-level and population-level control in a joint framework (#70).
  • proportion_*() functions can now return proportion columns of the output <data.frame> as numeric when the new argument format_prop is set to FALSE (#72).
  • A new design principles vignette to document package development is added (#68).
  • Added a helper function (ic_tbl()) to improve model comparison tables (#65).
  • probability_*() functions now accept dynamic dots ({rlang} is added as a dependency) (#82).

Breaking changes

  • ind_control and pop_control arguments replace control and control_type arguments in probability_contain(); and the argument default for num_init_infect is removed (#70).
  • Changed epidist argument to offspring_dist to follow Epiverse style (affects several functions) (#64).
  • Argument in proportion_transmission() has been renamed from sim to simulate (#81).

Minor changes

  • New package hex logo (#73).
  • Updated continuous integration and package infrastructure (#67).
  • Improved function documentation (#63).
  • Optimisation now uses optim() by default (#82).
  • Testing suite now uses snapshot testing for regression tests (#84).

Bug fixes

  • None to {superspreading} functions.
  • Update {epiparameter} use in vignette and tests (#62).

Deprecated and defunct

  • None



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